The M2R Story


Our Beginning

M2R’s goal to become the world’s No.1 helmet brand was born more than 20 years ago, with a dream and just a single helmet design. Then we developed another helmet, and another, until today where we have over 40 different M2R models since our first helmet design!

Our DNA is hardcore Motocross racing and we live it everyday. The expertise learned from working with many of the world’s best ever dirt bike riders led us into developing specific M2R Models for Enduro, Trail, Street, Cruiser & Scooter riders. In fact, you may just as easily see an M2R Helmet hanging from the handlebar of a Harley Davidson as you will from a 450 Motocrosser!

M2R Over the Years

M2R has a rich history in the off-road motorcycle industry, especially when you consider the calibre of riders the brand has supported over the years.

They are some of the biggest names to ever swing a leg over a dirt bike and we are proud to say that each and every one has helped to shape the brand into what it has become today and what we strive to become in the future.

These athletes are a part of our DNA and the epitome of what makes our helmets MADE2RACE!

Celebrating 25 years

2022 is a big year for M2R, having officially been in the race for 25 years. In this time we’ve supported every level of riding from elite athletes to seasoned veterans and the casual rider. Each helmet has been an evolution of the last, improving safety and integrating the leading edge technology to ensure comfort, performance and maximum protection.

With champion riders like Craig Anderson, Brett Metcalfe, Travis Pastrana and Todd Waters proudly wearing an M2R lid, we know we’re providing the highest level of safety across the whole range.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and allowed us to be in the race for the past 25 years. No matter the level of rider, you’ve played a part in our success.

We’ve been winning together for 25 years and with more new releases on the horizon, we’ll be in the race for another 25.



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