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The X4.5 helmet is the result of 4+ years of design, development and testing – in labs and on the track by elite-level riders. Proven MIT+ shell technology now pairs with the unique X-HALO Shield™ (patent pending), creating a helmet that offers the highest level of protection and performance.

Dual Layer EPS

  • Four piece channelled shock absorption liner
  • Firm density crown outer EPS layer
  • Soft density crown inner EPS layer
  • EPS-lined cheek pads for full circumference facial/cranial protection
  • These layers combine to provide superior protection from a variety of impacts

MIT+ Shell

  • Updated lightweight MIT+ Technology shell
  • Hand-crafted carbon, Kevlar and fibreglass multilayer construction
  • Quad composite construction for the ultimate blend of strength and weight
  • Strengthened super-lightweight shell for greater structural integrity and energy absorption
  • Extended chin bar ridges provide improved goggle protection in side impacts
  • Weighs just 1250 grams (+/- 50 grams)

X-HALO Shield™

  • All-new technology, developed for and unique to M2R Helmets
  • The X-HALO Shield™ adds a fourth layer of defence against impact, taking the X4.5 to the next level of protection
  • Combining the X-HALO Shield™ with the dual layer EPS liner provides a more strengthened, reinforced fourth protective layer

Molecular Level Protection

  • The X-HALO Shield™ (patent pending) material changes at a molecular level during an impact. The molecules lock on impact, successfully absorbing and dissipating an impact’s energy
  • Provides up to 12% improved impact protection when in critical halo position
  • During an impact, superior protection and shock absorption are achieved without compromising the shell or weight of the helmet

Power Ridges

  • Added strength where it matters most
  • Redesigned shell is strengthened with raised, carbon-reinforced Power Ridges
  • Improved face and eye port protection in side impacts, through the chin-bar

Vortex Ventilation

  • Multiple inlet and exhaust vents for massive airflow
  • Full flow-through channelling between the EPS layers
  • Streamlined mouthpiece allows high airflow and roost protection
  • Aggressive mouthpiece look

Safety Shear Peak

  • Lightweight, fully adjustable peak
  • Plastic screws designed to shear away on impact
  • Peak designed to reduce rotational loads on the neck during impact
  • Aerodynamic design increases air intake
  • Reduced wind resistance

ESRS – Emergency Safety Removal System

  • Cheek pads can be quickly and easily removed
  • Pull the two safety tabs at the front of the cheek pads
  • Reduces pressure and movement during removal

Ergonomic 3D Interior

  • Fully removable 3D interior for customisable fit
  • Varying thickness cheek pads and crown liners available
  • New liner materials provide improved rider comfort
  • Highest level of hold, durability and sweat-wicking properties

Made for Australians

  • Created and sized for Australian conditions and riders
  • ECE 22.05 certified

Starting at $399.95

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